The Nintendo Switch's online service is a service for the Nintendo Switch that allows users to access online multiplayer, use a dedicated smartphone app that can connect to the Switch, download a NES or SNES game monthly, and take advantage of exclusive deals. The service requires users to create a Nintendo Account, and is a paid service starting fall 2017. At launch, there will be a free trial that allows users to experience online gaming for free.

Based on location, the availability of this paid online service may be limited.


Online MultiplayerEdit

With a subcription to the online service, users can play video games online. This feature will be available from launch for free, but will require a paid subscription starting Fall 2017.

Smartphone AppEdit

Nintendo will release a smartphone app that allows users to invite their friends to play online, set appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in certain games. A free version with limited features will be released in Summer 2017, before the online service becomes paid.

Monthly NES/SNES GameEdit

For every month that a user has the subscription, they will recieve a NES or SNES game, with added online play. They can play this game for free, but only for a month.

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